The Team:

Having a varied team but with overlapping friendships, skills and interests made filming really good fun and avoided most of the friction that working under pressure can bring. We are a good natured bunch and fairly easy going. This helps a lot with managing the stress that competition brings! It was important that we all had more than 1 skill, as no one felt the pressure was just on them and we could swap around tasks to keep everybody motivated.

A few words about the team...

Matt: Team Captain and chief bodger. Responsible for getting us all into this mess and creating havoc and mayhem. Built the listening Dish, rocket take off mechanism and most of the plastic kits. Master of the 3D printer, he printed over 40 parts for the layout. He laid much of the scenic scatter, a good percentage of which is still stuck to his trousers...

Chris: Visionary and deputy bodger. Responsible for the amazing sketches we used to set the themes for the layout, creating much of the hard scenery and finishing touches as well as the large rocket shed. Needed to be restrained from trying to do too much. We'd still be there if we'd gone with all his ideas! Probably won us our semi-final ticket with his scratch built chemical plant and flip flop platform!

Phil: Model builder and rocket engineer. Built and modified many of the larger models on the layouts and detailed and painted every item of stock. Made our rockets fly and our locos glisten in the sun! An ex- RAF flight engineer, the voice of sanity and common sense.

Jon: Tracklayer, electrician and special effects guru. Created the smoke effects that impressed even Kathy and got the layouts to (mostly) run seamlessly. Built the main station and wired up the myriad of LED lamps around the layout. As an 0 and 5" scale fan, he found 00 all a bit small. Can we do a 40' layout next time?

Lucy: Backscene painter, model painter and scenic artist. Created most of the cameos around the layout, while trying not to laugh at the terrible Dad jokes. Stuck all of the 60+ figures down - except for the dog, as it kept sticking to her fingers. The youngest female team member in the competition. 

Helen: Spent most of her time in the modelling room assembling and modifying the card kits, including turning the warehouse into a low relief structure and cutting out the really fiddly name plates and adverts that really added to the layout. Still managed to find time to paint the colourful hillsides  - at least the bits she could reach! Deadly with a scalpel at 20 paces...

Special thanks also to Emma, Lucy's mum and chaperone. She was on set whenever Lucy was filming, but had to remain hidden behind the cameras.

Our families also made the trip down to Fawley for both judging sessions and have continued to support the team ever since. We watched the programmes air as a team and have since spent time together fettling the layouts - and playing with them of course!

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Team Shot - Steve Flint.jpg