Semi-Final Rolling Stock


 We wanted the stock to be as visually recognisable to the prototype as possible. This was not a big problem for the armoured train, as the prototype was created from a Class 20 loco and we could quite easily do the same. The coaches were similarly modified by cladding some Mark I BR coaches and spraying the whole thing black. A couple of red stars and that was one build crossed off the list.

The Octopussy train was harder to get absolutely correct, as the loco used in the filming was a Danish Railways loco pulling a number of Wagon Lits coaches and some CCTs. We used a WD Austerity with added smoke deflectors to give a more German look, an Orient Express coach to fill in for the 3 coaches and finished off with some CCTs and horsebox wagons, all painted and decorated to match. The canon was moved out into the open so that it was more visible. In the film it was buried in the final CCT, but we felt it looked better on a flat wagon.

The car was a Mercedes "Hot Wheels" die cast toy mounted on a Bachmann chassis. The actual collision and subsequent launch into the air was simply created by a wooden lever with a metal pin that pushed up through the baseboard. Right on cue Lucy yanked the handle and the car went flying!

Some photos of the stock on the layout are below, and more can be found in the Gallery. 

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