Scratch build Challenge

Like it or loathe it, the scratch build challenge is an integral part of the show and a challenge for the teams. We nominated Chris as our victim, as we thought with his creative talents, he could cope best with whatever was thrown at us!

What we actually got was a bottle of tanning lotion, a pair of flip flops and a pair of disposable knickers! Who chooses these we never got to find out. Certainly no one was prepared to admit to it. About 6 hours is allowed for the build, but it does go very quickly. Our first task was to discuss with Chris what we thought could be constructed. We very quickly came up with some ideas and then following a brief pause to film our discussions, we left Chris to get on with construction.

The tanning lotion was easy to use. We were already planning a tank full of bubbling liquid for our industrial area and had brought an aquarium pump and some useful containers - actually the tops of ice cream cones and a 3D printed surround with us for that very purpose. Some paint and a bit of drilling and gluing and that was the first item.

We looked at the flip flops and concluded that the thickness was about the same as the height of station platform. The textured bottom added to the look and then it was just a case of cutting, painting and adding some brick paper to the sides. We had a couple of platform lamps spare, so these were added along with some aliens for added colour!

What to do with the paper knickers? In the end, we came up with a tarpaulin for one of the wagons. We even dyed it a light red to match the rest of our layout.

And the result? We won! Kathy told us it was the bubbling vat of chemicals that won it for us, although she liked the platform as well.