Fawley Hill

Filming takes place over three long days at the museum-cum architectural reclamation yard that is the late Lord McAlpine's sprawling Henley estate. A shame we didn't really get a chance to have a good look around, as it's a fascinating place and well worth a visit. - http://fawleyhill.co.uk/ For more pictures of Fawley Hill, click here: Gallery

On arrival, we were given time to setup the layout and unpack our modelling supplies. We had brought a lot of stuff - more than the other teams, but that suits our style of building, which is to work from a plan but to adapt and improve as we go along. We therefore need lots of bits to allow us to do that.

Once our pre-builds had been inspected and passed, it was time to start building - and then stop, as the TV crew needed shots of us walking in, shots of us unpacking things, shots of us doing a quick team meeting,,, You get the idea. This set the theme for the rest of the day, with periods of work interspersed with pauses so that we could be filmed, interviewed - or had to keep the noise down while the other teams were filmed.


The Judges - Kathy and Steve were very pleasant and more than happy to share their experience and a few hints and tips.  

The TV crew are really good. They are so respectful of all the teams and what we are trying to create. They might not be that knowledgeable about model railways, but they know a lot about making really good TV. 


The layout and the modelling room are lit quite brightly, but the rest of the space is quite murky. This means that trying to see things you have stored out of the way quite tricky and a few things didn't re=appear until we'd finished filming!